How It Works

It's quite clever, actually...

  1. Every route has a pair of sensors, one at the Start and one at the End.
  2. A climber activates a Start sensor by pressing a button and scanning their personal UPROPE wristband.
  3. Climb on!
  4. If the climber reaches the end of the route, they press the button on the End sensor.
  5. That's it! There is no step 5! The climb is recorded on our systems. Go climb another route!

Did you say wristband?

Sure did. Climbers get their own personal wristband! Every wristband has a unique code printed on it. Register the code after creating an account at The wristbands identify individual climbers and they are yours to keep. Please don't share them with other climbers, but feel free to use the same wristband at any gym with UPROPE!

Well it sounds expensive...

UPROPE is FREE for climbers! We might decide to charge you for wristbands if you keep loosing em... (they don't grow on trees, you know)

We make money through payments from gyms who offer UPROPE to their members. We'll send them sensors and any necessary hardware and make sure they are up and running properly. Don't worry, we made sure setup and maintenance is a breeze. Route setters install the sensors on climbing walls at the same time and with the same tools they use to set routes. Gym staff just plugs a module into a router or network. We made it really, really, easy.

Are these going to be outdoors? I want to keep track of my outdoor climbs!

No! We love that you are excited about UPROPE, but let's keep technology separate from our precious cliffs. Climbing gyms offer a modern workout, and we wanted to offer an equally modern digital experience. We are excited to help you track your progress over time, compete in online competitions, and connect you to your partners and the global climbing gym community!

I'm sold - what next?

Great! If you're a climber, use the form above to tell us about your gym.
If you own or work at a gym, you can get UPROPE right now!